Help your customers locate your Dealers! 

LocatorPro(tm) easily directs your prospects and customers to the "Dealer Location Nearest" them. Using our Content Management system (Drupal), you can control the "look and feel" of the search and search results, showing only the information you want viewers to see.

LocatorPro(tm) uses "geocode information" (latitude and longitude) for Addresses, Zip Codes and City-States. Our system obtains geocode information from Google.

We don't limit the type of database you store, either. Here are some examples:

  • Retail chain: store the locations of your retail stores;
  • Distributor: store the locations of your retailers or distribution centers;
  • Association: store locations of your members. 
  • Website Directory: store the location of your directory members. 

Creating your database

The stock configuration includes two types of data: 

  • Product Categories (or Specialties)
  • Dealers (or whatever you need to call them)

You can create your database in one of several ways:

  1. Enter database information one record at a time using our administrative tool, or
  2. Supply us with a file and we will convert it for you (usually at a cost less than US $200.00).
  3. The following fields are imported into our database:Dealer Name, Address, phone number, fax number, website URL, email address, optional description and optional product categories.

After the database is created initially, you can enter and maintain it via upload, our administrative tool, or re-conversion of your datafile.

Accessing your "Locator"

To access the Locator, the reader pulls up a "Search Form". Form style and defaults are set by the administrative tool, but the reader can override defaults (range and number of results, etc.).

When the reader enters a Zip Code or a City/State, the program finds the latitude and longitude in our database and then computes the distance between the reader's request and each entry in the database.

The program then displays the results, nearest first, according the parameters set in the Search Form.

  1. Monthly subscription: $20/mo USD or $200 if paid annually
  2. Database import and custom theming: varies from FREE to $300 depending on time required to conform and test. We charge $95/hr after the first hour.