Import Preparation


Prepare a ".csv" file for import with the following structure:

  1. Record 1: Column headers (ID, NAME, etc.) in any order
  2. Record 2 through "n": individual records for each dealer or entry
  3. Records should be "comma delimited", although this can be changed during the import or in the import script. For example, if commas are scatter throughout your data, you could use "bar" or "TAB" delimited instead of comma delimited
  4. Products/Specialties -- products (or specialties) should be added to "Taxonomy" in advance. Multiple products should be separated with a "~" (tilda) or with another unique character - if other than "~", the import script needs to be changed (see "Tamper" --> products). Product is optional.

Fields (in any order):

  1. ID: a unique record number. You can start anywhere, but normally start with "1"
  2. NAME: Company name.
  3. COUNTRY: two character country code (e.g. "US" or "CA"). See ISO 3166-1 country codes. If you have entries from other than US or CA, you will need to modify the address part of the dealer table to allow other countries.
  4. STREET1: Street Address
  5. STREET2: Secondary street address
  6. CITY: City
  7. STATE: State or Province. Generally, this will be the two character abbreviation
  8. ZIP: Zip code or Postal Code
  9. WEBSITE: Full website URL ( or blank
  10. PHONE: Phone number
  11. FAX: Fax number
  12. EMAIL: Email address
  13. PRODUCTS: list of products, specialties or categories delimited with ","
  14. LATITUDE (optiona): Latitude
  15. LONGITUDE (optional): Longitude

Our system will calculate latitude and longitude if you do not provide it. STREET2, WEBSITE, PHONE, FAX and EMAIL are also optional, but contact information is always a good thing.

Modifications to import script

  1. Fields can be delimited any number of ways. We expect a "bar", but you can change this during the import.
  2. Multiple PRODUCT entries need to be delimited with a "~" (tilda), but that can be changed in our import script (see "Tamper" --> Products --> Explode). 
  3. If products are abbreviated (e.g. "FF" = Fish Food, where FF is in your imported data and your "taxonomy" value is "Fish Food"), you can translate your product abbreviation in the Tamper section for Products.
  4. Field labels: all the field labels can be modified. There are a couple of primary queries that need to change: dealer_search and dealer_map. For example, it is simple to change "Dealer" to "Realtor" or "Golf Course"

Modifications to views

Records are displayed using "views". There are a number of 

  1. If we design and host your website (using our Drupal CMS), the Locator can be integrated seemlessly into your website.
  2. Otherwise, you should plan on implementing the Locator using an "iFrame". You should consult your website designer for implementation details. Our Screenshots show examples of what this might look like. A typical iFrame HMTL tag  might look like this:

    <iframe src="" height="400" width="500"></iframe>